Thank you to everyone who came out to the 2019 Stemanities Event!

First Place Winner:

Too Many Looks at Online Grade Books: The Relationship Between Frequency of Access to Online Grade Books and Student Motivation and Academic Success 

By Gabrielle and Sophie Fries

Second Place Winner:

More than a machine: An analysis on the susceptibility of jobs to automation

By Christian Chiong and Adamya Srivastava

We were truly impressed by all the finalists research, and would like to thank everyone for their hard work and effort! 


A Comparative Analysis between Governments that Restrict the Right to Vote for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities versus Those that do not Restrict the Right to Vote

By Bera Demirbilek


The Relationship between Maternal Adiposity and Parenting Style and Feeding Practices 

By Sukanya Bhattacharya


Self determination theory: Applying a psychological macro theory to identify core-motivating factors for exercise in graduate students

By Katie Lev


Use of Contraceptives and Abortifacients by Enslaved Women in the Plantation South as a Reclamation of Bodily Autonomy

By Rachel Niemira


How a Country’s Usage of Language Explains Its Happiness: Identifying a Correlation Between Countries’ Happiness Indices and the Language of Their Research Using Machine Learning

By Adishree Ghatare


The Emergence of a Distinct Society Through Mars Colonization and the Factors that Enable Distinction

By Viktoriya Anissimova


The Impact of Rapid Technological Advances on Future Generations

By Bruce Hsu and Hyun Wook Chung


For Pit's Sake: The Effect of Breed Labels on Perceptions of Shelter Dogs

By Kate Weseley-Jones


Influence of Musical Elements on Primary Language Acquisition

By Aditi Desai


Identifying Predictive Social Characteristics for Zip-Code Unemployment Rate Using Machine Learning

By Clara Mohri