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Time: Monday, April 8th, 2019

Location: 4242 Campus Point Court in La Jolla, California


12:00 pm: Finalists arrive to set up their tri-fold posters and meet one another and the Stemanities team.


12:30 pm: Finalists served lunch.


1:00 pm: Family members, guests, judges, and members of the public arrive. Opening remarks and explanation of schedule.


1:15 pm: Science fair style walkthrough begins. Judges discuss research one-on-one with finalists and ask them questions about their work. Parents and guests may also view finalist projects and discuss with them. Each finalists should expect to spend approximately 5 minutes with each judge. Light refreshments available.


2:25 pm: Walk-through concludes, and finalists, parents, and members of the public will find their seats. Judges exit main room in order to discuss and deliberate.


2:30 pm: Three speakers each give approximately 15 minute talks on their work in the STEM and humanities intersection and its importance while judges deliberate.


3:20 pm: Q&A with speakers.


3:45 pm: Winner and Runner-Up announced and presented with awards. Opportunity for photos. Closing remarks.